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In conjunction with the AUG/SEP 2006 issue of Seed, seedmagazine.com presents its exclusive coverage of the 25th anniversary of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto. Check back frequently for reports from the front lines of the global fight against AIDS and regular disptaches from this landmark meeting being held August 13th to 18th.

Click on the images to read Seed‘s coverage of HIV/AIDS at 25.

Seed Video Feature: On the Ground at the XVI AIDS Conference

Protein Made by Lower Primates Combats HIV
Monkeys and lower primates produce an anti-bacterial protein called retrocyclin, which the HIV-1 virus resists weakly. While we long ago lost the ability to produce this protein on our own, researchers hope to use it to develop a topical microbicide that could prevent transmission of HIV during intercourse.  ... (continue reading)

State of the Pandemic

Mixed Record for Prisons in Fight Against HIV/AIDS

AIDS Educators Face Uphill Battle in South Africa

Re-Visiting Wan Yanhai

At AIDS Conference, Vaccines Take a Back Seat to Microbicides
TORONTO—Since a safe and effective HIV vaccine is a long way off, scientists and funding agencies are pegging microbicides—gels or creams that prevent the transmission of HIV during sex—as the key to stopping the AIDS pandemic. ... (continue reading)

Seed Interview: Wan Yanhai

Blogging the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto

From a working journalist’s perspective on the ground in Toronto, to a bench scientist’s appraisal of the hottest research abstracts, three bloggers deliver running commentary on the 16th International AIDS Conference.  Photo: Michael Ivanin

Special Report: The Front Lines of HIV/AIDS

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Originally published August 9, 2006


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