Sizzling solar photos, locked-in syndrome breakthrough, a weird and wonderful science tattoo gallery...

  • The Sun
    The Big Picture blog does it again with this stunning set of solar photos.
  • A Guiding Glow to Track What Was Once Invisible
    It may seem simple, but the green fluorescence of this jellyfish protein radicalized what could be observed in the world of cellular biology. Just don’t forget the blacklight.
  • The Unspeakable Odyssey of the Motionless Boy
    New technology is allowing some with “locked in syndrome” to speak without moving their lips by registering their cognitive efforts and interpreting it with software. (via mindhacks)
  • Science Tattoo Emporium
    The weird, wonderful world of science ink.
  • Cancer of the Devil
      An infectious cancer devastating the population of Tasmanian Devils provides insights into what may be the next evolution of the hellish disease for humans. 

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Originally published October 15, 2008


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