How to organize scientific articles in the Internet age, The Onion predicts how the world will actually end at the hands of scientists, "sexsomnia" and other sleep-related illnesses, elevating dinosaur fossils, Dawkins ruins fun party trick...

  • Scientists Warn Large Earth Collider May Destroy Earth
    The Onion points out the need for even larger scale science experiments to finally get the job done and really destroy the planet.
  • Richard Dawkins and Derren Brown talk about “psychics”
    Forever on his quest to break the hearts of children and worshippers of magic worldwide, Richard Dawkins explains the science behind so-called psychics.
  • Things that go bump in the night
    You might think you wouldn’t mind a case of “sexsomnia” until your partner describes your loving touches as if “the skin is being ripped away from her body”.
  • Skeletal Remains
    Surely any number of kids were lulled into science worship with their first trip to a Natural History Museum and that first tremulous sighting of a T. Rex skeleton, but as this article points out, these bones are meant for more than child’s play. (via 3QuarksDaily)
  • Defeating Bedlam
    This week Olivia Judson, instead of tackling the complexities of scientific theory, attempts to reign in the entropic disarray of scientific information on the web by offering helpful organizational advice.

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Originally published December 17, 2008


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