A threatening open letter to the Higgs Boson, complete wooly mammoth skeleton found in L.A. tar pits, Arkansas ban on atheists in office may be repealed...

  • Los Angeles Tar Yields Mammoth’s Skeleton
    A complete mammoth skeleton was unearthed in L.A.‘s tar pits. The mammoth, given the name Zed, was discovered along with the remains of a prehistoric American lion, a saber-toothed cat, and other creatures.
  • Sun-powered device converts CO2 into fuel
    Researches at the University of Pennsylvania have developed solar-powered nanotubes that convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into natural gas.
  • Grizzlies reveal ‘fancy footwork’
    [Video] The elegant movements of grizzlies surprise wildlife filmmakers when their underwater cameras capture them hunting salmon.
  • Atheist Revival in Arkansas
    A Green Party Arkansas state representative has put forth a resolution to repeal a state law banning atheists from holding public office or testifying in court. The US Supreme Court made such laws unconstitutional in the 60s. 
  • Dear Higgs Boson
    Since CERN’s particle accelerator is still experiencing technical difficulties, the Fermilab’s Tevetron is still in the race to find the Higgs Boson. Here, comic artist Abstruse Goose mocks up a threatening opening letter from CERN to the mischievous Higgs.

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Originally published February 18, 2009


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