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proteinvideo.jpg Videos and screenshot courtesy of Science

  • Protein Flicks The first two videos ever to show individual proteins being produced within living cells, as shot by an ingenious team of Harvard chemists. Divide and conquer, ye proteins.
  • Motivated Reasoning I: Hot Cognition Chris of Mixing Memory clears up some misconceptions about a study hinting that partisans are irrational.
  • The Need for Heretics Freeman Dyson goes against scientific consensus, and he wants others to do the same.
  • Blue Ball Machine Turn up the sound, and prepare to spend the next few hours completely mesmerized. (via grrlscientist)
  • New video from the band that plays on our podcasts Cinemechanica’s new spot for their song “I’m Tired of Paul McCartney” follows a day in the life of the band. There’s working at a call center, running a record label, washing dishes at a restaurant…and doing a physics problem set??

Originally published March 22, 2006


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  • Ideas

    I Tried Almost Everything Else

    John Rinn, snowboarder, skateboarder, and “genomic origamist,” on why we should dumpster-dive in our genomes and the inspiration of a middle-distance runner.

  • Ideas

    Going, Going, Gone

    The second most common element in the universe is increasingly rare on Earth—except, for now, in America.

  • Ideas

    Earth-like Planets Aren’t Rare

    Renowned planetary scientist James Kasting on the odds of finding another Earth-like planet and the power of science fiction.

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