Seed presents a sample of the Earth Day events taking place around the world.

Credit: Paul Senyszyn

You don’t sing “Happy Birthday.” There’s no need to buy any gifts. And good luck carrying the Earth over any threshold. Strapped for ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day? Let us help you out.

Here’s a list of events going on around the globe. It’s hardly exhaustive, but if you are not near one of these shindigs, why not throw a similar soiree wherever it is you live?

Just one request: If you were considering hugging a tree, why don’t you plant one instead?


Virtual March to Leave No Species Behind
Defenders of Wildlife has organized an online protest against Washington lawmakers and their attacks on all the world’s species.
Through April 22


Global Village of Beijing Earth Day Event
Event includes presentation of Commitment Cards to attendees who pledge to save energy and an e-waste solution forum.
April 22 - 24


MIP&L’s 5th Annual Forum in honor of Earth Day!
The keynote speaker at this event outside of Boston is Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, an environmentalist and the dean of Episcopal Divinity School.
April 26


March Against Climate Catastrophe in Cardiff
The Cardiff Campaign against Climate Change will lead a mass demonstration and protest march starting in Cathys Park.
April 22


Focus on Climate, Energy and Sustainable Development
The group Sustainable Ireland hosts a day of events looking at what the UN Commission for Sustainable Development is doing to promote conservation worldwide.
April 26


International Cache In Trash Out Day
Geocachers—people who play a global came of hide-and-seek using GPS units—will clean up a section of the Water of Leith around the Saughton Park/Balgreen area of the city.
April 22, 2006


Petrels, Permafrost and Climate Change
Doctors Rob Thomas and Peter Kershaw will lecture on how climate change threatens the arctic permafrost and migratory seabirds.
April 27


Children and Environment
A local environmental organization will teach children about nature conservation with lessons and activities, including a painting competition.
April 22 - 25


Mister Earth Philippines 2006
The nationwide search for the next Mr. Earth Philippines, who should be as concerned with protecting the environment as he is charming, culminates as a winner is chosen.
April 30


Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society
To raise awareness about the destruction of Jamaica’s coral reefs, the NCRPS will lead hundreds of students on field trips through the Norman Manley Sea Park.
April 22


Earth Day Fair in Central Park
This year’s featured entertainment will be a production of the Arm-of-the-Sea Theater’s City That Drinks the Mountain Sky, a large-scale theatrical puppet show that brings to life the epic story of New York City’s water supply.
April 22

Wildlife Conservation Society celebrates Earth Day
The party goes on at all the WCS’s locations, including the Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, Queens Zoo and Prospect Park Zoo. The Bronx Zoo will top the event off with the fourth annual Poetry Safari Weekend.
April 22 - 23


Can Crushing Launch
Kids living in or around Newquay will crush aluminum cans to raise money for a small carnivore conservation program.
April 22


Greenlight Earth Day Film Festival
The festival features film projects that explore environmental citizenship and show how individual actions can reduce negative environmental impacts.
April 22


Organic Beer and Wine Tasting
Visitors of Reno’s Idlewild Park will take part in a beer and wine tasting and silent auction fundraiser.
April 21


Earth Day Swap-O-Rama-Rama
Reuse and recycle old gadgets and gizmos. Workshops will teach participants how to do everything from sewing to welding.
April 22 - 23

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The Ministry of Environment and Water Open Panel
The panel will discuss regional challenges and global changes on both a political and environmental level.
April 28 - 29


End of the Earthwalker Friendship Walk
Join Paul Coleman as he ends his three month hike across China, South Korea and Japan, wherein he planted trees across all three countries.
April 22


Europos Parko Festivalis
An ongoing festival of performance, art and educational programs brings together artists and environmentalists from around Europe.
Through December 31, 2007


EAF’s Earth Day Gathering on the Mall
The foundation, founded in the memory of environmentalist Edward Abbey, will host a gathering on the Mall between the Lincoln and Washington Monuments.
April 21 - 23

GreenDC Week 2006
Taking place throughout the city, GreenDC Week’s goal is educate the people of DC on sustainability and waste-elimination.
Through April 23

TIES’ Third Annual Celebration of Ecotourism and Eco-Holiday Auction
The International Ecotourism Society will auction off environment-friendly vacations donated by green companies.
April 21

Walk to Work
Walk or ride your bike to work, in honor of Earth Day.
April 21

Originally published April 19, 2006


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