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About 60 whales and dolphins saved at mass stranding in Tasmania, protein folding is a "hit and miss" process, philosophy for neuroscientists...

  • Unfolding 'nature's origami'
    Researchers at the University of Leeds have discovered that the way that proteins fold, vital to ensuring they function correctly, is a "hit and miss" process, with proteins potentially folding wrongly many times before they form the correct structure for their intended purpose.
  • Mass whale stranding in Tasmania
    [Video] About 200 pilot whales and a small pod of dolphins beached themselves on King Island on Sunday, in the Bass Strait between mainland Australia and the southern state of Tasmania. About 60 were coaxed back into deep water Monday afternoon with the help of volunteers.
  • Evidence appears to show how and where frontal lobe works
    A Brown University study of stroke victims has produced evidence that the frontal lobe of the human brain controls decision-making along a continuum from abstract to concrete, from front to back.
  • Philosophy's Great Experiment
    A growing field of philosophy, known as x-phi, draws on neurology and observations of the brain.
  • Biggest sand dunes set to grow as Earth warms
    At already 500 metres tall, the Earth's largest sand dunes are predicted to grow as the lowest layer of the atmosphere warms and thickens, leading to larger dunes.

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